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“I think the placenta encapsulation has done me the world of good. I feel like as a twin mum I’ve joined an elite group of supermums who have amazing advice. And now I have advice for those expecting twin mums! Mama’s Medicine!!!!!”

“Just wanted to touch base and tell you my twin girls are thriving and packing on the weight! So much so the midwife assumed the weight gain had to be from formula not exclusive breast milk! I think the placenta encapsulation has given me super breasts! Couldn’t be happier! And still heaps of energy. As a mum of multiples I couldn’t ask for more than that. Thank you thank you thank you.”

“I still get the girls weighed each week to keep an eye on them, and every midwife I see I tell them about your amazing services because they’re all so impressed with my recovery and how I’m getting on with the twinnies. Most impressed with my breastfeeding too and milk supply which is many thanks to your pills!!”

– Susannah, Madison & Zoe, 2016