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More and more women are choosing to consume their placenta to enjoy a healthier, happier postpartum.

Your placenta is the wonderful organ that nourishes your baby throughout pregnancy. But it also has an important job to do after birth.

The long months of pregnancy, and birth itself can be a strain on a woman’s body. At birth a substantial amount of blood is lost, vitamins and minerals take a sudden drop in her system, affecting the new Mama physically and emotionally.

Eighty percent of new Mama’s experience a mild postnatal mood disorder, aka ‘the baby blues’ in the first few weeks after having a baby.

Taking your placenta in capsule form is an easy way to naturally replenish these nutrients and rebalance your hormones, giving you the best start to motherhood.

”Giving…placenta to a new mother following birth has become standard protocol among a growing number of midwives in the United States. By nourishing the blood and fluids, endocrine glands and organs, Placenta will …reduce or stop postpartum bleeding, speed up recovery, boost energy and relieve postpartum blues. (Homes, Peter. 1993. Jade Remedies, Snow Lotus Press, 352.)


Mamas who take placenta capsules report:

  • A boost in energy levels
  • Increased iron levels
  • Increased & enriched milk supply
  • Balanced moods & hormones
  • Decreased incidence of the baby blues
  • Decreased incidence of postnatal depression
  • Increased effectiveness of mother-infant bonding
  • Reduced post-natal bleeding
  • Uterus returns to size more quickly
  • Faster recovery from birth
  • General improvement in health and vitality


The placenta is composed of beneficial hormones, chemicals, iron, and proteins. These healing substances include:

Gonadotrophin – precursor to oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone – Contributes to mammary gland development in preparation for lactation; stabilizes mood; regulates post-birth uterine cramping; decreases depression; normalizes and stimulates libido.
Prolactin – promotes lactation.
Oxytocin – produced during breastfeeding to promote healthy bonding between mother and baby.
Interferon – stimulates the immune system to protect against infection.
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone – boosts energy and aids in recovery of stressful events.
Cortisone – releases energy stores and helps with stress.
Prostaglandins – anti-inflammatory.
Haemoglobin – replenishes iron deficiencies and anaemia.
Gamma-globulin – boosts immune system and protects against postpartum infection.
Urokinase Inhibiting Factor & Factor X111 – stops bleeding and enhances healing of wounds.

Growth Factors – in the form of cytokines and hormones that stimulate cellular growth. They have anti-inflammatory properties, aid blood circulation, wound tissue healing and have an analgesic effect.
Placenta Stem Cells – provide the new cells for regeneration of tissue and growth factors enhance their ability to multiply much faster.

Vitamins and Minerals
Iron – essential for absorption of oxygen in the cells needed for repair.
Vitamin B6 – promotes the production of red blood cells, aids in normal functioning of the brain. Helps in the making of antibodies, keeping the immune system strong.
Vitamins A, D, E, K
Vitamins C, B complex

Placenta remedies are the best thing a new Mama can give back to her body post birth.

Please note: Placenta capsules are a nutritional supplement and not a cure for postnatal depression. PND is a serious condition that must be monitored by a professional. The information on this page has not been evaluated by the TGA. The services I offer are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Families who choose to utilise the services on this page take full responsibility for researching and using the remedies at their own risk.

Read Research studies supporting Placenta Encapsulation in the RESEARCH section


Mama’s Medicine offers you a choice of  2 preparation methods for your encapsulation:

Steamed or Raw Dried Method of Placental Encapsulation.

Steamed/Traditional capsules – $350

The placenta is considered a powerful and sacred healing medicine since 1578. Tried and true, steamed preparation is the most common method of encapsulation.

The placenta is cleaned and then gently steamed with warming herbs; myrrh and ginger – this is a crucial part of making this placenta medicine. These warming qualities are believed to help heal from the inside out – rebuilding blood, chi and slowly increasing the body’s endocrine functions.

After steaming, the placenta is thinly sliced and dehydrated at a low temperature until completely dry, then ground and placed into gluten free, vegetarian capsules.

This method offers a softer energy, ideal for those who suffer anxiety.

Raw Dried capsules – $360

Some people believe that steaming the placenta may damage vital hormones and nutrients.

Based on principles of the Raw Food Diet, the placenta is not steamed but sliced raw and dehydrated for a longer amount of time. Maximum vital hormones, enzymes and nutrients are retained this way due to less processing (no steaming). The dry strips are then ground into powder and placed into gluten free, vegetarian capsules.

Raw capsules have quite a strong energy, and tends to need small doses.

Please Note: If someone has requested Raw preparation, but the placenta was more than 2 hours at room temp before going on ice, or there was meconium present then I would strongly recommend the TCM method.

Taking your placenta in capsules is convenient, tasteless and preserves the nutrients you have been building during your pregnancy so you can enjoy the ongoing benefits for months, or even years.

Tip: Any leftover (steamed) capsules will last indefinitely if stored in the back of the freezer.  Take when your cycle returns, when you need a pick-me-up, or save for future stressful transitions, i.e. menopause or returning to work.

The vitamins, minerals & hormones in the capsules are extremely bioavailable – they are easily absorbed by the body because they are completely natural and were created uniquely by you, for you.


Amy performs Placenta Encapsulation in a dedicated placenta specific workplace (see picture above). Equipment and workspace is thoroughly disinfected before and after each use with Viraclean medical-grade disinfectant and an industrial grade bleach soak. Most of her supplies are disposable/single use and all equipment meets food grade standards.

Amy adheres to strict hygiene standards and holds current certificates in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Transmission/Infection Prevention and Hygiene for Food Handlers.

Handling with respect – The placenta is a precious and sacred organ, therefore Amy ensures only positive thoughts and peaceful energy are present, focusing completely on the task to ensure a smooth and safe encapsulation process.

Only one placenta is ever processed at a time. One in, one out!


As a Mama of three little ones, Amy knows how special this time is.  Her service is set-up to be simple and discreet so you and your family can relax and enjoy your precious hours after birth.

Once you have done your research and made the choice to encapsulate your precious placenta, you are ready to make your booking!

Step 1

Complete the contact form below and a booking package will be emailed to you.

Step 2

Lodge the forms and pay the full amount or a deposit of $50 to secure your space.

Step 3

Please arrange a relative/friend to drop off your placenta-on-ice to Amy’s home at Skennars Head (near Lennox) within 48 hours of the birth and pick up the capsules 3 days later. Amy no longer offers a hospital pick-up service. Local pick-up is a possibility, please email her directly.

Please note: your placenta must be put on ice as soon as possible (within 30 minutes) to prevent bacteria from growing. You will need to provide an esky/cooler bag & X4 large ice bricks to take to hospital with you. Within 6 hours from birth please ensure transfer in COLD cooler bag to a home refrigerator.

Feel free to contact Amy any time you need.


Steamed/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method - $350

The placenta is considered a powerful and sacred medicine, a ‘full of life force’ organ in China and has been documented as a healing medicine since 1578.
Steaming the placenta with herbs is a crucial part of making this placenta medicine. This method offers a softer energy. (For more info see PREPARATION section above)

Raw Dried Method - $360

Retains maximum vital hormones and nutrients in the placenta, due to less processing (no steaming). The placenta is sliced raw and then heated to food safety temperatures in the dehydrator. This method offers quite a strong energy.

MAMA'S Placenta Tincture, 200mls - $90 delivered OR $70 self collect

Please note: this remedy takes minimum 6 weeks until it’s ready.

Tinctures are a great way to continue using the benefits of your placenta after the placenta pills are gone.

Made using a small piece of placenta steeped over 6 weeks in Absolut Vodka. The result is essentially a homeopathic remedy that can be used during times of emotional and mental instability. Beneficial for all kinds of hormonal balancing including PMS and menopause.

Tip: For mums that have left over capsules, I suggest the safest way to keep them for menopause is to make a tincture from them.

I offer instructions on how to DIY upon request.

Complementary Keepsakes

  • Umbilical cord –  dried in the shape of a wreath or spiral – an everlasting symbol of the physical connection a mother had with her child.
  • Tree of Life print – an artistic blood print of your baby’s placenta tree.
  • Photos of your placenta sent to you via text – so you can marvel at the miraculous organ that nourished and sustained your baby in the womb.
Gift Vouchers – perfect for baby showers.
Note: Most cultures like to bury the placenta, returning the nutrients and its sacred energy back to Mother Earth, ‘in gratitude for the gift of fertility and the birth of the baby.’  If you wish to make a lovely burial ritual please let me know and I will return the cord & membranes, either dehydrated or fresh, as you wish. 



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After you’ve made your decision to encapsulate your placenta and you are ready to make a booking, please email me and I will send out a Booking Form and a Placenta Care form for your midwife.

With the lodgement of your forms, a deposit must be made of a minimum of $50 to hold your space.

Please feel free to engage with me via email or phone conversations as you need, I will be happy to shine a light on any concerns you may have.

Love Amy

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