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“Pregnancy isn’t easy and neither can be the first few days being a new mama. I knew that after pregnancy the hormonal roller coaster would be tough on me and poor Ryan! So I did my research and came across placenta encapsulation and the amazing Amy from ‘Mama’s Medicine’ (do your research and don’t just use anyone).

On the day I had Rocket, she drove up to John Flynn and picked up my placenta. By lunchtime the next day I had my placenta capsules ready to go.

I actually can’t recommend her and her service enough . If you’re about to have a bub please seriously consider this option for a speedy recovery. The effects on me have been more than amazing and worth every cent in my eyes.

My mood has been great, I had no problems with my milk coming in or supply (enough to feed 3 babies), my hair is more amazing than during pregnancy, hardly any postnatal bleeding and my energy levels surprise me on a daily basis (I feel amazing)! Thank you Amy for your amazing service and keep up the amazing work!”

– Ruby & Baby Rocket