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“Not only is Amy just a gorgeous, bubbly and wonderful human, her placenta encapsulation and print service is incredible. I gave birth at 3am, she picked up my placenta at 10am from my home and delivered the most divine package less than 24 hours later. I was in tears as I unraveled what seemed the most beautiful gift ever bestowed on me! Amy’s thoughtfulness, attention to detail, kindness and respect absolutely permeates the whole journey of opening up the package to receive the very thing that gave your bubba life. She included beautiful poems, odes and gorgeous keepsakes that had me and my partner both emotional and feeling so blessed to have found Amy in the Northern Rivers.

As for the capsules, they have been amazing, both my partner and I honestly notice when I’m a bit late on taking them! They really do make a world of difference, especially for milk production (I can’t take more than 2 a day or I’ll need a paddock of calves to feed!)

Amy truly knows how to respect the powerful, life giving placenta and there is not a detail overlooked in the way she gifts it back to Mother and Baby.

Thank you Amy, you are absolutely divine and gifted and women of the Northern Rivers will be so lucky to find you, as I was.”

– Olivia Julietta, 2017