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“PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION. Ok ok yes. Admittedly, I am currently consuming a giant organ that fell out of my vagina. BUT HEAR ME OUT. This placenta eating business is RAD BEYOND BELIEF! I honestly put down a lot of my mental stability and energy these last 9 days to these magical pills [and rather that than eating my newborn, right?!]. Placenta effect, is TOTALLY a Thing. I wanted to encapsulate them myself with the boys, but never got around to it. [Because, huge, gross, bloody mess.] So I eventually admittedly defeat and buried them under trees– after they spent about six months in my freezer being mistaken for beef cheeks. [notveryvegan.] So this time I was determined [to outsource.] and got recommended Amy at Mama’s Medicine [notsponsored.] She came to my house an hour after I gave birth carrying a little esky, took my placenta away, steamed with Chinese herbs, dehydrated it, ground it, and put it into tidy little capsules to be delivered the very next day. Everything was so beautifully packaged and indulgent [see above] that I almost forgot I was actually eating my own body part. I will say though, I highly recommend you get googling a placenta encapsulating person in your area. And all my friends that are about to give birth…you now know what baby gift you’re receiving from me… YOUR OWN PLACENTA!”

– Claire aka ‘jetsetmama’, 2016