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Britt-Barrett“When I heard about people ‘eating’ their placenta it was during our antenatal class and the child and family health nurse had brought it up. Everyone in the group had a bit of a laugh about it, but one girl spoke up and said, “Actually, what people do is get it encapsulated and take it as tablets.” It was a bit of an “ahh” moment for the class, myself included. It’s funny that I went from having a laugh about it to actually doing it for myself, and I’m so glad I did. I’m not embarrassed to talk about it to people as I think it should be and could be a more common occurrence in this modern society. Just like breastfeeding, it’s something that needs to be brought into our culture as mainstream and normal. More awareness = more happy mums.”
What do you feel was the most beneficial part of having your placenta encapsulated?
“I think avoiding the postpartum “baby blues” was one of the biggest reasons for me. I wanted to stay happy and in baby bliss and avoid any tears or emotional upheaval that comes with all the hormone changes. Also I was low on iron midway through my pregnancy and had to take extra supplements, so this was a good way to keep up my iron stores too! I wanted to have a quick recovery in order to focus on raising my baby and also get back to being “me”! So far, even with the lack of sleep, I’ve been feeling happy and healthy. My recovery has been good and my mood upbeat. There have been no tears or baby blues which is a relief! My tummy shrank down to nearly its original size by day 5! My milk supply has been amazing. Plus, 17 days post-birth, I have pretty much stopped bleeding. ”

– Brittany with Baby Ethan, 2015