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“Even though I had a tough labour which ended up in an emergency c-section that led on to an infection and a rash, after 6 weeks I am now feeling back to myself again. During my pregnancy I made the choice to have my placenta encapsulated by Amy from Mama’s Medicine, so happy I did. I couldn’t start taking my capsules straight away because of all the other drugs I was on – I wanted to be fully clear from antibiotics before I started my road to recovery. I am now having my daily dose twice a day and my mental and physical health is right back on track.
I’ve had so much to take in during the last 6 weeks – recovering, as well as caring for a newborn but knowing I have the placenta capsules to restore my health has been a great comfort and help. My energy levels are surprisingly me on a daily basis and the little one is feeding like a champion. Thank you Amy for your amazing service of personally picking up and delivering the capsules to the hospital after delivering baby Cooper. If you’re interested in getting your placenta encapsulated contact Amy, It’s totally worth it!”

– Lauren with Baby Cooper, 2016